Sizing Chart

We want you to LOVE your Camera Coat!

If you get it and it doesn't quite fit the way you'd like, just send it back to us within 7 days and we'll gladly exchange it or refund your money!

There are a lot of cameras out there so our lists are constantly changing and updating! If you don't see your camera on the list or have any questions please email us! [email protected]


Our "standard" Camera Coats will typically fit a DSLR up to approx. 5 X 4 X 3 with a lens up to approx. 4" long.


Fits a camera body size up to approx. 5.5 x 4.5 x 3 with a lens up to approx. 5" long.


The same size as the PRO up top (6 X 5 X 4), but not quite so long (about 1.5" shorter.) Great for a lens up to approx. 5" long.


The PRO size will fit up approx. 6 X 5 X 4 and up to a 6.5" telephoto lens.


7 X 6 X 4 with a lens up to approx. 6" long.

Canon ModelSize
Canon EOS Rebel TliStandard
Canon EOS Rebel T3Standard
Canon EOS Rebel XSiStandard
Canon EOS Rebel XSStandard
Canon EOS Rebel XTiStandard
Canon EOS Rebel XTStandard
Canon EOS Rebel T2iStandard
Canon EOS Rebel T3iStandard
Canon EOS Rebel T4iStandard
Canon EOS Rebel T5iStandard
Canon EOS 30DStandard
Canon EOS 100D (rebel SL1)Standard
Canon EOS 700DStandard
Canon Power Shot SX30 IS (with room in the lens area)Standard
Canon Power Shot SX40 HSStandard
Canon SL1Standard
Canon EOS Rebel T2i (with larger lens)Large Standard
Canon EOS Rebel T3i (with larger lens)Large Standard
Canon EOS Rebel T4i (with larger lens)Large Standard
Canon 70DLarge Standard
Canon 20DPro and Short Pro
Canon 40DPro and Short Pro
Canon 50DPro and Short Pro
Canon 60DPro and Short Pro
Canon 6DPro and Short Pro
Canon D 800 seriesPro and Short Pro
Canon D 600 seriesPro and Short Pro
Canon 5D Mark iiPro and Short Pro
Canon 5D Mark iii with 50mm lensPro and Short Pro
Canon 2Ti with the 55-250 lensPro and Short Pro
Canon 7D with body dimensions less than 6"X6"X4"Pro and Short Pro
Canon 6D with a 24-70 lensSuper Pro
Canon 6D Mark ii (no battery pack)Super Pro
Canon 7DSuper Pro

Nikon ModelSize
Nikon Coolpix l830Standard
Nikon D40Standard
Nikon D60Standard
Nikon D3000Standard
Nikon D3100Standard
Nikon D3200Standard
Nikon D50Large Standard
Nikon D70Large Standard
Nikon D80Large Standard
Nikon D90Large Standard
Nikon D5000Large Standard
Nikon D5100Large Standard
Nikon D5200Large Standard
Nikon D5300Large Standard
Nikon D610 (tighter fit)Large Standard
Nikon D610 (looser fit)Short Pro
Nikon D7000 (tighter fit)Large Standard
Nikon D7000 (looser fit)Pro and Short Pro
Nikon D7100Pro and Short Pro
Nikon D200Pro and Short Pro
Nikon D300SPro and Short Pro
Nikon D600Pro and Short Pro
Nikon D700Pro and Short Pro
Nikon D800Pro and Short Pro
Nikon D40 (100-300 lens)Pro and Short Pro
Nikon D750Pro
Nikon D810Pro
Nikon D4Super Pro
Nikon D3S (Will not fit a Dx3...yet!)Super Pro

Other ModelsSize
Olympus SP720Standard
Pentax K10d 17-55mm Tamron LensStandard
Pentax K-30Standard
Fujifilm XT1Standard
Sony A35Standard
Sony A5000Standard
Fujifilm HS 50 EXR Series Finepix (with 7" lens and hood)Short Pro
Lumix Panasonic fz70Pro and Short Pro
Sony A58Pro and Short Pro
Fujifilm Finepix HS35Pro and Short Pro

Returns and Exchanges

Ship Exchanges to: Camera Coats Exchanges 1566 E 3010 S SLC, UT 84106

Ship Returns to: Camera Coats Returns 1566 E 3010 S SLC, UT 84106

Please include a note letting us know why it is being returned and how you would like us to process it.

(Sorry, no refunds on shipping.)