Why a Camera Coat?

Created by a mom tired of carrying around so many bags, Camera Coats allow you to easily bring your camera without the bulk of a camera bag!

Camera Coats are not only stylish, but are padded & waterproof so they are the perfect traveling companion for your camera. Whether you are heading out to the park or on the airplane your camera will be ready to go!

Will a Camera Coat fit my camera?  What size do I need? 

Great question! On our quest to keep every camera stylishly protected, Camera Coats are made to fit a variety of DSLR cameras. We use 1.5" sturdy Velcro on our Camera Coats so they can adapt to a variety of camera body sizes. Please see our SIZING CHART for details.

Will a Camera Coat fit my camera with a battery grip?

Maybe...depending on your body style & the size of the grip. You'll have to measure it the good old fashioned way and then compare the dimensions to specifics in our sizing chart.

Is a Camera Coat good for traveling?

Yes! Camera Coats are the perfect camera gear for traveling! Don't leave your DSLR behind when you're about to go make some great memories! Take your camera in your backpack, purse, or "carry on" and you will never regret it!

Camera Coats

Are Camera Coats waterproof?

Yes and No. Technically there is no fabric in existence that is going to stay waterproof forever so for legal reasons this is our disclaimer...

*WaterProof: Under normal circumstances and use, our Rain Slicky Camera Coats labeled "WaterProof" should keep fluids from getting through the outer layer. Made of high quality designer laminated cotton fabric they really are like putting a rain coat on your camera.

Laminated Cotton is a cotton fabric that has a plastic coating on one side.

*WaterRepellent: Our Camera Coats labeled "WaterRepellent" are not laminated, but will repel fluids under normal conditions. They are WaterRepellent because of the nature of the fabric or because we apply a high grade waterproof spray to them.

Note to customer: Our product does not make a 100% WaterProof seal around your camera, but but is DOES protect it from the elements, spills, and anything else that may come your way!